January 2021 Updates

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So here we are again, in a new year! Let's see if we can (hopefully) beat the pandemic this year.

About coding: I've got some ideas I want to pursuit. For example, a Python Disk-Manager, Python Inventory system, and very private & simple chat client and server also made with Python.

For all these programs I'm trying to use PyQt5 with the stripped-down Qt Designer (build-system.fman.io/qt-designer-download). It's a new experience since I used Tkinter before (although also just lightly).

Also, I've found a great tutorial (dev.to/amal/deploying-fastapi-serverless-ly..) which uses Vercel to deploy a Python FastAPI application serverless. It's really cool and I'm excited about all the possibilities!

I've also started coding a bit in Lua with the Bitty Engine (Early Access on Steam: store.steampowered.com/app/1386180/Bitty_En..) - let's see how that goes.

Early this month I made a link shortener API, but I'm unsure if I've got the time to update it soon. I really want to publish with quality and not quantity in mind, but I have so many exciting ideas!

If you want to check these projects out, visit my GitHub page: github.com/berrysauce

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